My name is Matthias Dietrich. I was born in 1986 in Schweinfurt. Since my childhood I was fascinated by science and technology. From a young age I had everything taken apart in order to understand how it works. At the age of 12 I began with the construction of RC airplane models. I was able to gather my first experiences with model making and electronics and also develop a great passion for tinkering.

Since my work has always been interested how things in the big picture (incidentally not only technically) and me enthusiastic electronics and mechanics alike, I decided at age 17 to train as a mechatronics. This allowed me in addition to mechanical and electrical engineering basic training learning the programming of programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

This was followed by four years in which I was engaged in the installation, the wiring and programming of length measuring systems. Here I was able to continue to deal with all areas of technology. Furthermore, I have at this time can acquire programming in high level language (a subject which was mechatronics not taught in my previous training).

Driven by more curiosity I began in 2011 and additional training to State Audited mechanical engineer. I was able to expand my technical end levels (particularly in areas such as engineering mechanics and robotics) and deepen.

Since completing my training in 2013. I am in special machine in the field of machine safety act. This allows me to continue to occupy myself with all areas of engineering (mechanics, electronics and control technology), as the machine safety can be found in all of these areas and calls for a holistic view.

For a long time I am working in my spare time next to the RC model and the construction of electronic circuits, the programming of microcontrollers and, since 2014 also with 3D printing. Specifically, the development and building of robots interests me very much, because robots combine all these disciplines.
I would like to share my projects, my ideas and my knowledge with you, which is why this page is formed of. I hope also technically enthusiasts will find the one or the other inspiration and perhaps I can in some of the others a little bit arouse enthusiasm in science and technology, then grabbed me and did not let up again today.

Matthias Dietrich – Dbotics